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The Advanced Translation Research Center (ATRC) provides a framework for research events and initiatives: it welcomes international guest researchers and supports scholars and young researchers in their translation and interpretation research projects in the areas of general translation concepts and methodologies (e.g. text and translation-oriented terminology & LSP translation, multidimensional translation, translation criticism, the operationalization of culture for T & I purposes and text linguistic dimensions of translation).

In cooperation with international guest researchers international research seminars and lectures are organized to discuss basic questions of translation theory and methodology (concepts and methods, parameters influencing translation and translation criticism), innovative trends in multidimensional translation (subtiteling, audiodescription, written interpretation) with translation, interpretation, theory and practice equally represented. DAAD and other sponsoring organizations have provided funding for many international researchers who have worked on ATRC projects.

One of the ATRC's foremost concerns is the promotion of young researchers. For about ten years an international PhD school was offered in conjunction with the EU-sponsored High Level Scientific and Marie Curie Conference Series 1999 - 2007. In the PhD school, future translation and interpreting researchers are offered lectures and discussions on the principles and techniques of research, general research methods and critical reading as well as professional and academic ethics. The Euroconferences, in conjunction with the PhD school, have offered young researchers the opportunity to seek advice on their translation and interpreting research projects from international experts. The PhD School was institutionalized as part of the MuTra Advanced Training and PhD School in 2007.

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