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The 'Advanced Translation Research Center' (ATRC) at Saarland University was founded in 1994 with the objective to promote research into general conceptual and methodological translation and interpreting problems that extend beyond language-specific boundaries and to create an international platform for discussion and exchange for young researchers.

With this objective in mind, the ATRC organizes

  • annual international conferences - starting in 1995 with the 'Saarbrücker Symposien', from 1999 to 2001 with the support of the European Union as 'Euroconferences' in Saarbrücken, between 2002 and 2004 as High Level Scientific Conferences sponsored by the EU in Prague, Aarhus und Saarbrücken and since 2005 as MuTra Marie Curie conferences in Copenhagen, Vienna and Saarbrücken (www.euroconferences.info). The proceedings of the MuTra conferences are published at www.translationconcepts.org (books).
  • an annual international PhD School for the promotion and support of translation-specific dissertations (www.euroconferences.info), as a result of the MuTra conference series institutionalized as MuTra Advanced Training and PhD School since 2007.
  • workshops on MuTra translatology research focussing on multidimensional challenges in T&I research (subtitling, a udiodescription, written interpreting, musical and theatre translation).
  • the documentation of its research in its working papers, the Arbeitsberichte des Advanced Translation Research Center (ATRC), Röhrig Universitätsverlag and since 2007 on-line under www.translationconcepts.org (Publications).

In the almost fifteen years of its existence the 'Advanced Translation Research Center' (ATRC) has created an institutional framework for the exchange and discussion of a multitude of topics and positions in T&I research with international colleagues and young researchers from Belgium, China, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Cameroon, Korea, Latin America, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, the Philippines, Poland, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, the Czech Republic and Turkey who have provided stimulus and challenges to new thought and processes in the discipline. In 2007 the ATRC became part of the Translation Concepts Community (TCC) with its MuTra PhD School and TC Publications (www.translationconcepts.org).

The ATRC is sponsored by the European Union through a number of projects, by the Saarland Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, by the alumni association of Saarland University (Vereinigung der Freunde der Universität des Saarlandes), by the university itself, by the Gerzymisch Foundation 'Stiftung zur Förderung des Nachwuchses in der Übersetzungs- und Dolmetschwissenschaft'.

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