Amicale 4.6

In January 1988 the "Society of Friends of the Department Applied Linguistics and Translating/Interpreting" (now: Amicale 4.6) was founded. The main aim of the society is to promote the contacts and the exchange of information between the translators and interpreters already working and the students and teachers of the department in order to provide a closer link between practice and theory, and thus to allow the graduates a better start in their professions. The same purpose is served by a meeting called "Praxis und Studium" ("Theory and practice"), organized every two years by the Amicale and the entire department. Besides, the society gives former students of the institute the possibility to get or keep in touch with each other, and, for example, to exchange their personal experiences or information on new developments in their profession.

Further aims of the society are the support of research and teaching in the fields of linguistics and science of translation, establishing and maintaining contacts with national and international universities as well as establishing and maintaining the professional image and representing the interests of translators and interpreters inside and outside the university. As a means of information, Amicale publishes a leaflet called "DlPL.-abbes" twice a year. The society will be glad to send the latest edition to anyone who is interested. On the second Friday in every month, there is a chance for professional talk or simply a social get-together when the "Stammtisch" of the society meets (the place of the meeting is announced in the "DlPL.-abbes" and on the information board of the society, bldg.4, 2nd floor). All former and present students, teachers and anyone else interested are welcome to join the "Stammtisch".

You can also reach Amicale 4.6 by E-Mail: amicale86(at)