An academic course with a sound research base and a strong vocational orientation

The volume of translated material and multilingual communication in today's world is constantly growing. The EU alone already has 21 official languages. The proportion of multilingual texts in the Internet has now reached approx. 30%, and that figure is rising. In other words, the demand for translators and interpreters will be even greater in the future than it is today ... [MORE]

Career opportunities

The large numbers of job offers that are regularly sent in to FR 4.6 testify to the outstanding career opportunities available to our graduates. In many cases, these vacancies are not published via the official channels such as job centres, and do not appear in the newspapers. Instead, they are sent out direct to university departments that train translators and interpreters. You will find a downloadable survey of the job offers received by the department in recent years here.

The job market for translator and interpreters

"I would like to do something with languages," many people say when they are asked about their career goals. If they mean they are interested in working as a translator or interpreter, they should ...